A Wedding Bachelor Party to Remember

There a lot of traditions that go along with weddings. From the proposal to the honeymoon, marriage is full of customs that have been around for many years. Most people tend to think of the wedding day itself as being more special for the bride. There are exceptions, of course, but generally speaking, the bride will get the most attention on the day of the wedding. Not that the groom minds all that much. Perhaps that’s because they get to partake in another long-standing tradition: the bachelor party.

The stereotypical bachelor party is one that is wild and is centered around the things the groom to be won’t be able to do once they are married. This may include going out to the local bars and drinking a lot of alcohol, seeing a stripper (at a strip club, or in a friend’s home), or going on a road trip to a destination known for its party atmosphere.

Tradition states that it’s the best man who plans the bachelor party, though this isn’t always the case. If you are the one who is planning the event, then you have some important decisions to make. What will you do? Who’s invited? How will you get there? Is it a surprise, or is the groom in on the planning? Are there things that the groom doesn’t enjoy? Are there things the groom absolutely wants to do? All of these are vital questions that need to be answered in advance.

If you didn’t notice, the word ‘event’ was used above to describe bachelor parties. But this is actually a newer development. It used to be a night on the town, lasting several hours at most. However, today it’s just as common for it to be a more involved event. For example, one thing a lot of guys are doing is traveling. They may fly (or hire a bus) to Las Vegas and spend a whole weekend gambling, drinking and going to strip clubs. This takes a lot more planning than a one night party.

Another trend that is getting more and more popular is to not have a wild bachelor party at all. That doesn’t mean the fun is gone, it just means it’s a different kind of fun. Going on a group camping trip, going to a ballgame, or cooking some steaks on the grill are some examples.

These new trends open up a world of possibilities for bachelor parties. As long as the groom has a good time, then that’s all that really matters. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the groom isn’t going to have a whole lot of fun if all of the other guys are bored out of their minds. But you can prevent most problems by answering the questions above and planning ahead. The effort that goes into proper planning is small when compared to the groom’s future life of wedded bliss. In other words, you should assume that this will be the only bachelor party the groom to be is going to have.

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